Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Reshaping Social Media Marketing

20x Your Efficiency In Managing Your Social Media Campaign & Get Results Fasterrr!

11 July & 12 July 2024 (9.30am – 5.30pm)

Limited seats available. All registrations after 5 July will be scheduled to October intake.

(This certification program is 100% HRDF claimable)

Digital Marketing Courses By AWA

Asia Web Academy offers 6 key courses in digital marketing namely:

1. Social Media Marketing Course (Facebook + Instagram) (2 days)

2. Search Engine Marketing Course (SEM/SEO) (2 days)

3. Business Website Creation Course (2 days)

4. E-commerce Store Creation Course (2 days)

5. Business Cross-Channel Analytics Course (3 days)

Social Media Marketing Course

A 2-day compact workshop that covers the important needs for marketing professionals and business owners – to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and engagement for your Facebook & Instagram assets. The focus is on measurable Return Of Investment (ROI).

Over the two days course, our instructors will share in-depth knowledge of how to make a Facebook campaign effective, through both organic engagement and paid ads. We will be focusing on the types of strategies you can apply, and leverage on past case studies to deliver the know-how effectively. Participants will also get hands-on opportunities to craft ad copies, select the most relevant images, target the right audience and allocate appropriate budget to drive measurable ROI.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with solid skills to attract the RIGHT target audience and QUALITY fans, be able to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and acquire competitive intelligence amidst the competition. The focus is again on measurable ROI at the end of the day.


Search Engine Marketing Course (SEM/SEO)

An intensive 2-day workshop educating participants on how to market effectively with both paid search and display ads media buying on Google. Get your learning curve shorten with insights from our professional instructors on the latest working methods to help your campaigns achieve the highest ROI possible. At the same time, you will get a grasp on how to work within strict policies to get your ads ranked well in Google with the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) possible.

Our trainers will deep dive into various methods on generating quality leads and drive e-commerce sales, the right way to craft ads copies that sell, optimisation and scaling. For beginners attending this course, you get covered with extra cares to setup your Google Ads account properly with our consultants, as well as the fundamentals of Google Search Ads.

On top of that, pick up skills on Google Display Network (GDN), an immensely important aspect for marketers who wish to create a strong brand presence, do re-marketing, and increase online visibility within a short period of time.

You will also learn the Flagship 5 Steps SEO process that allow you to rank any of your webpages to first page of Google Search Engine.

Our SEO trainer will be using live website with proven organic search traffics from Google to demonstrate the steps in performing SEO that works.

This course is a must for website owner/marketer who want to receive thousands of organic search traffic from Google every month. We will be covering the fundamentals of SEO, the methods to rank, and the strategies to sustain the ranking in long term.

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Business Website Creation Course

An adequate business website created for conversion is essential for business who wish to generate leads, automated sales, and to build a sales funnel that work 24/7. Though there are many website designer offering website creation services in the market, they (designers) are not marketer, and hence do not understand what works (converts) for web users.

This course will not only help business owners, freelancers, agents, aspiring bloggers to create a website for conversion. More importantly, to help them to understand what works and how to make it works. Participants who complete this course are able to build the website themselves systematically but also able to give precise instructions to their designer of what they want.

No technical knowledge is required for this course. Complete beginner friendly.

E-commerce Store Creation Course

E-store is getting more popular now with the shift of consumer online buying behaviours and the advancement of technologies in tracking, payment gateway, and buying experience. It also open up vast opportunities for anyone to sell something online, either for full time or part time income. Conventional retailers are also working on building their e-storefront now to complement their sales in physical outlets.

This course is designed to help anyone how has limited resources and knowledge to kickstart their e-commerce store. Beginners are welcome as no technical or programming knowledge is required. This course will serve as a kickstart for anyone who wanted to build their e-store within short period and start making their first dollar in this online retails game.

Business Cross-Channel Analytics Course

This is an analytics course for existing marketer who already own substantial amount of customers data, website visits, leads and sales, but do not know how to level up their game without further increase their ads spending.

We will be using the power of data in this course to allow participants to better understand their traffics and customers, where do they come from, how they behave, why they convert, why they do not convert, how do they convert etc. and etc.

This course is not designed for complete beginners who currently not started their website and receive no traffics either from organic or paid channel.

Our Past Digital Marketing Training Classes

Get a sneak preview of how our classes were conducted and our participants experience.

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What Our Past Participants Say

Very Beneficial. Learned a lot and very applicable to my current job.

Sumathi Thananayagam, ASTRO

Get to know more about digital marketing, especially on how do we do marketing on Facebook and Google. For me personally, social media platform like Facebook looks like it’s itself is a “free” space where it has not much rules. Yet when it comes to advertising on it, it can be works in a quite a strict way.

Chin KaChin, Huawei

It helps me to understand better the new era of doing marketing which can be applicable during my lecture. Tqvm for the sharing.

Janiffa Saidon, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

This course share with me many things can be done on Facebook and Google Search at a fraction of the cost that has been spent via agencies. Learnt many rules of digital marketing and how to bend but not break them.

Shyuan, Maxis

Got some good info about Facebook marketing and SEM. Especially found the SEO parts useful. I’m more of an editorial person than marketer, so I found the marketing aspect of the course a good learning experience. Thank you!

Syazana, Mongoose

I gained practical guide, tips & tricks for me to immediately apply onto my work. Overall, I will highly recommend this course to my friend. Well done and thank you.

Cevine, Infinite Data

The Digital Marketing Masterclass from AWA really help us to find ways to improve customer enquiry on our website.

Gordon, Tune Insurance

The Digital Marketing Masterclass is extremely beneficial. Now i know what i didn’t know.

Liyana, IACT College

The facebook advertising part is such an eye-opener! Never thought that you could maximize Facebook advertising like this! I’m also not aware how handicapped a lot of the brands on Facebook are until today. Thank you for the interesting and wonderful lesson!

Ng Sann Dee, IACT College

A better of understanding on Digital Marketing. Now I know we can implement digital marketing ourselves, even without going through vendors, or at least being more knowledgeable while working with any to ensure we maximize our marketing budget.

Greg Lee , ECnet (M) Sdn Bhd

Wonderful course. Love it! useful information! Great job! 🙂

Jasmine, AGTIV Consulting

Organizations Who Joined Our Digital Marketing Training

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